Monday, March 15, 2010

Prestige Automatic Waterproof Eye Liner

Aloha honeys! It feels so good to be blogging in the beauty blog world again, such a shame that I haven't posted in a while, sorry! So two days ago I stopped by Longs Drugs to buy my favorite eye liner which is the automatic waterproof eye liner by Prestige in "Black." It only cost $5.25. My cousin Cici introduced me to this liner back in high school. I have tried so many eye liners from cheap to expensive, they always either smudge or wear off quickly. But no matter what liners I go through, I always come back to Prestige. Which is a reasonable price for good quality. I use this liner to boldly rim my bottom water lines. You can also use it for a top liner, then smudge it out, and then set it with a black eye shadow(so it doesn't smudge in the crease), to get the smokey eye look. This liner stays on for hours, glides on smoothly, and leaves a defined lining. You can find Prestige cosmetics at Walgreens and Longs Drugs. Check it out honeys!