Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jill the Beautician

Yesturday morning I texted my friend Jill, and asked her if she could give me a hair cut later that afternoon. She texted me back and said she was down for the job. My appointment with her was at two o' clock, and so she met me at my dorm, and she set up her hair supplies and tools in the study room(lol it was empty at the time) and layed out her beauty gadgets as if it were a mini salon. About a month ago she cut my hair from long to a medium length with layers,to get that volumed look. But this time I felt like I wanted a dramatic change, so I showed her a picture that I found of Cassie(she had short hair that falls a little below her shoulders, very sleek, innocent but sexy classy). As Jill started cutting my hair away, I could feel the past pain being erased from all areas of my past life. In the past, whenever I got hurt or wanted a new beginning I went all out with changing my appearance(from buying colored contacts, to dying/highlighting my hair, and cutting my hair). I felt that by doing this I was erasing the past by changing my outward experience to something new. As soon as Jill finished my hair cut, I walked up to the mirror and smiled. I loved the outcome and so does everone else, I have been receiving so many sweet comments. At this point in my life, not only do I feel new on the outside, but also in the inside too. Because right now I feel benefits from the changes that I have been practicing lately, I toned down with the whole party/clubbing scene(of course I will again because its college, but its okay to lay low sometimes), I have been working out at the gym almost everyday(today is my day off), and my new hair cut completes the final touch. Thank you so much Jill!

I met Jill back in August for the new hire orientation for cosmetics for Nordstrom, Ala Moana. I remember the first time I seen her, she was sitting next to me at the table smiling, with her exotic twiggy hair cut.(her strong features pull off the fierce hair cut) At work she was always bubbly, and ready to help anyone who needed help or wanted to know any beauty question. She definitely has all the answers, knowledgable and experienced, just to let you know she's been in the beauty industry for five years going strong! Very impressive and multi-talented, she graduated from Paul Mitchell, and worked for M.A.C cosmetics for two years. She is the ultimate glam squad, she does hair and make-up for all ocassions. She is very popular and requested by many through out the whole island. She already has impacted many lives and done many gigs and events from weddings, fashion shows, the list is endless. She is currently working at the W salon of Honolulu, where she is always booked with appointments for hair and make-up. If you live on the island of Oahu, or know anyone who is getting married or having an event on Oahu, that calls for a hair and make-up  artist position. Then I reccommend you to please hit up Jill. You really won't regret it, an instead will be pleased with the results! If you want to contact Jill please e-mail me at krazynanakrazy@gmail.com, and I will give you her contact number. Thanks again Jill!

                                                                              Jill and I

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Finally a Member of 24 Hour Fitness for all Clubs!

These past couple of weeks, I kept saying over and over again that when my next pay check comes, then I'll become a member of the gym. I kept holding it off and bought clothes instead, but yesturday I called and the guy was saying how I can make a down payment fee now and pay the rest of the initiation in a couple weeks.(I always thought you had to pay full upfront!) I'm so glad I called because now I can start my work out journey. I heard that the nicest gym on the island is the one in Waikiki,(which is true because I went there yesturday to get the membership started) since the window view is the beach. Although it is the nice and clean, I decided to become a member for all clubs so that I can go to the gym with friends so I can bond with them and it will be fun and motivating. Recently I have been shopping at Victoria Secret for workout gear.(love their stuff its so stylish, sexy, comfortable) Today I'm going to the gym on Kapi'olani with my friend Jacob. I'm so excited to workout and hopefully in time I'll see beneficial results not only on the outside, but internally as well. I have my water bottle, clothes, shoes, and a positive attitude ready. I encourage all of you to excercise(you don't even have to join the gym if you don't want too). There's many differenet ways to work out but at the same time have fun, as long as you keep it moving. At the end of the day you won't regret it, you'll feel good inside and out, and feel less stressed too(it decreases stress). Remember to work it and have a postive attitude, I guarantee you'll feel happy afterwards! Have a nice day honeys!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lip Secrets Unleashed

Aloha honeys, so my customers and people I just meet or don't know always come up to me and ask what make-up I use for my lips. They think that its just one lip stick used, or one lip gloss easily applied on. But actually, I use three products! So today I am going to spill the product combination. What brand?...for my lips, all M.A.C of course. So first, I take my lip pencil in "Subculture"($13) and not only line but also fill in my lips.(I do this so the lipstick/lip gloss lasts longer) Then I take my lipstick in "Angel"($14) and use a patting motion to lightly apply the shade, instead of gliding on a heavy coverage. Last, I take my lip glass in "Peroxide"(not sure how much it was, but unfortunately it is discontinued froma past collection, but you can still find it online) and blend over the gloss with my lipliner and lipstick. The outcome=everyday pinkish nude lips that draws people in and makes them wonder "what are her lip secrets?"

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fire Fighter Pin-Up Girl

Aloha honeys! Here are some pictures from my first Halloween in Hawaii. My friends and I from the dorm dressed up and walked Kalakaua. Which is the main strip that was blocked off, where its like one big party with everyone walking around in their costumes. My costume goal for the night was to go all out in red, at first I said was going to be a pin-up girl. But later became a fire fighter pin-up girl because I borrowed my friend, Kai's hat. Shout outs to Kai and Elan(she let me borrow her curvy red dress, which I will send off to dry clean once I get payed do to the partying, I apologize again). Thank you for letting me borrow the red items ladies! I also included accesories, for my hair I bought a red rose and of course I had to paint my lips red! Halloween was a krazzyyy night, I hope you all enjoyed yours!

Trend Show

Aloha Honeys! So on November 14, 2009, Nordstrom Ala Moana is having a Trend Show. The doors open at 8:00, and the show starts at 8:30 on the third floor. Tickets cost $15, but after the show you can use it towards any Nordstrom purchase, so its basically free! You'll receive free breakfast, a free bag with cosmetic goodies, and after the show you can come down to the second floor and receive a free make-over(which we can schedule you an appointment with any of our cosmetic lines, after you purchase your ticket). We also have celebrity hair and make-up stylists flying in from all over the World, and speakers exclusive for the show. If you live in Oahu, or know anyone who lives in Oahu, Hawaii please let them know about this event, you can contact me from my beauty chat box to the right, and I can let you know more details. Mahalo!