Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lip Secrets Unleashed

Aloha honeys, so my customers and people I just meet or don't know always come up to me and ask what make-up I use for my lips. They think that its just one lip stick used, or one lip gloss easily applied on. But actually, I use three products! So today I am going to spill the product combination. What brand?...for my lips, all M.A.C of course. So first, I take my lip pencil in "Subculture"($13) and not only line but also fill in my lips.(I do this so the lipstick/lip gloss lasts longer) Then I take my lipstick in "Angel"($14) and use a patting motion to lightly apply the shade, instead of gliding on a heavy coverage. Last, I take my lip glass in "Peroxide"(not sure how much it was, but unfortunately it is discontinued froma past collection, but you can still find it online) and blend over the gloss with my lipliner and lipstick. The outcome=everyday pinkish nude lips that draws people in and makes them wonder "what are her lip secrets?"


Fashion-rocks said...

i love this shade of pink, it's perfect,thanks for sharing your secret with us. by the way, i love your blog

Flow said...

thanks girl!

Vanessa Baptista said...

That is THE most beautiful shade of pink i've seen in a while, and i'm usually a red lipstick person. I'm definitely gonna go test that out when i get some money lol.

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