Monday, July 19, 2010

Sephora in Waikiki

Aloha! I am so excited, later this afternoon I have an interview with Sephora. There is a new one being built right next to Waikiki Plaza, which is one block down from where I live. The store opens next month, which is like two weeks from now! It would be a dream to be a part of the Sephora team! In the past when I would walk into any Sephora store, I would feel so overwhelmed because there are so many make-up, skincare, hair, nails, fragrances to choose from. I want everything, each time I go in there, but realistically you buy what you need. And so, finding out which product works best for your price point, helps to break it down a lot. If Sephora decides to add me to the team, then I will be happy to help each customer, who feels what I once felt. By using the cosmetic experience that I learned from my past job at Nordstroms, I hope to use my beauty knowledge, creativeness, and passion for cosmetics to help others embrace their beauty by teaching and demonstrating make-up artistry. I'll update you honeys on how the interview goes! Have a nice day!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Five Cheap Beauty Tips!

Aloha honeys! I'm going to be sharing with you five tips to save you money!

1) Vaseline, this makes a good skin and lip moisturizer to stay hydrated and decrease, eliminate, and prevent future chapping, the mini travel size at Target is only $1!

2) Baby Oil (most of the time I use the generic ones), use this with cotton balls to remove make-up, even takes off stubborn waterproof eye make-up, I've been using this for years, instead of buying eye make-up remover that can go up to $20+

3) Pony Tails (small or regular sized usually from $2-$4), use 3-4 pony tails to braid 3-4 sections is your hair, leave over night or for a couple hours, then gently unravel and spray with a wave enhancing spray(Garnier has a good one for about $3, that smells so good!), you have homemade waves, instead of buying an electronic waver that cost about $25+

4) Olive oil (which is what I also use to cook healthy), if you run out of shine serum for your hair, take a dime sized amount of olive oil and slowly run through you hair to get a healthy shine, don't use to much or your hair will feel to oily too much can weight the top of your crown down, which causes it to look flat, olive oil is only $6+

5) Lipstick Brush (you can get a cheap one from the drugstores for like $5+), instead of using your lipstick up until it doesn't twist up anymore, you can still use you lip brush up until the bottom is hit, this extends the life of your lipstick

I hope this was helpful, feel free to pass it on to your family and friends!