Thursday, September 2, 2010

Turquoise Jewelry

Yesturday, I was finally re-united with my friend Hannah. I haven't seen her since before summer started, which has been a while. So we decided to meet up for lunch and catch up on life. Hannah is from the island of Guam. She is a natural beauty, her mix consists of Filipino and Chinese. She is one of those friends who I know I will keep forever. Our friendship is compatible, we can kick it one on one, mix friends, don't have to be constantly together, no jealousy, and never get annoyed of each other. Which is why I know she is the only person I can see my self living with on the island, if I were to choose a room mate. Before she flew back to Hawaii, she recently was visiting family in the Philippines. She said while she was there she spotted turquoise jewelry and told me that the color reminds her of me because she knows that it is my favorite  color. She handed me a small bag that held a turquoise gold flower ring, with a pearl in the middle and two turquoise bracelets. The turquoise jewelry will make a good contrast against black, brown and khaki outfits. Thank you so much Hannah!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Yesturday before hula practice, I painted my nails a pinkish red, shimmery shade called "Vineyard," by Pure Ice. I bought this at Walmart a couple of weeks ago for only $2! Personally, my favorite nail polish is by O.P.I, which has salon quality texture that last a long time. Besides, O.P.I, the other half of my collection is random nail polish brands that cost reasonable, but work just as good. I like how the Pure Ice nail polish, isn't too thick or too watery. It goes on nice and smooth and you only need one coat, but if you want more pigment I suggest you paint one more layer. If you are looking for nail polish in this price range, then I suggest you check this section out! Aloha!