Monday, May 24, 2010

Ko'olau Naturals

Ko'olau Naturals is an organic cosmetic line created by Alan Lemieux. Alan is my co-worker, whom I met in Nordstrom Cosmetics, his line is fragrances. Every time I see him at work he greets me with a jolly smile. Alan is an expert and experienced in cosmetics, he has been in the spa business for twenty five years. Back during winter break, he greeted me Merry Christmas and handed me a homemade soap. Within the next couple days of my use of the soap, it quickly disappeared! I loved the scent and feel of it so much that I used it all up. Recently, I asked Alan if I can put in an order for the soap he gave me, the scent was "Honey Oat." The soap cost $6, and is made from real honey and oats. I love of the oats acts as a light exfoliation on the body. And the combination of the scent is a light sweet scent, I love when I inhale its like  my soothing aromatherapy. He makes other flavor soap bars, shampoo bars, lip balms, handmade jewelry, and natural deodorants too. As a gift with purchase, he gave me a full sized one hundred percent natural deodorant. Which usually cost $10, thank you again so much Alan! The deodorant comes in a clear, jumbo glue stick, shaped container, so cute! He also explained to me how the deodorant is made with tea tree and other natural ingredients that smell so good, but after a couple seconds even the pleasant smelling scent is gone, eliminating all odor. I am so happy with my new organic products and will continue to purchase from this line not only for myself but for gifts as well, so I can share the word of Ko'olau Naturals. When you have the chance check out!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Accessory Shopping!

Aloha honeys! Two days ago, my girls and I went shopping at "Pearl Ridge." I love that mall, because its the only mall on the island that has my favorite store "Charlotte Russe." I always buy clothes, so that day I  decided to focus on looking for accessories so that I can mix and match many outfits, instead of constantly buying more clothes. I bought a nail polish by Island Girl called "Maui Magic," which is a pastel peachy, pink, matte shade. It only cost $2.99! This cosmetic brand is started and is only sold in Hawaii, there stuff is so cute! And is sold at all the ABC stores throughout the island, which is like the local 7 eleven. I also bought a pretty charm bracelet and earrings at Charlotte Russe, I love their jewelry section, and the deal on the earrings, bracelets, and rings is buy two for $8. So basically, the earrings and bracelet I bought was only $4 each! I love it! And the last item I bought was a black flower head band from Forever 21. The band is scrunched,the material is silky, and the the mid section of the flower is beaded. I usually don't like wearing head bands, but I decided to try this one because I am inspired by the fashionistas here on blogspot and youtube who accessorize plain outfits into fabulous outfits. Accessorizing is all about expressing your creativity, balance, and eliminating(remember you don't want to over accessorize.) Stay glamorous honeys!