Thursday, September 2, 2010

Turquoise Jewelry

Yesturday, I was finally re-united with my friend Hannah. I haven't seen her since before summer started, which has been a while. So we decided to meet up for lunch and catch up on life. Hannah is from the island of Guam. She is a natural beauty, her mix consists of Filipino and Chinese. She is one of those friends who I know I will keep forever. Our friendship is compatible, we can kick it one on one, mix friends, don't have to be constantly together, no jealousy, and never get annoyed of each other. Which is why I know she is the only person I can see my self living with on the island, if I were to choose a room mate. Before she flew back to Hawaii, she recently was visiting family in the Philippines. She said while she was there she spotted turquoise jewelry and told me that the color reminds her of me because she knows that it is my favorite  color. She handed me a small bag that held a turquoise gold flower ring, with a pearl in the middle and two turquoise bracelets. The turquoise jewelry will make a good contrast against black, brown and khaki outfits. Thank you so much Hannah!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Yesturday before hula practice, I painted my nails a pinkish red, shimmery shade called "Vineyard," by Pure Ice. I bought this at Walmart a couple of weeks ago for only $2! Personally, my favorite nail polish is by O.P.I, which has salon quality texture that last a long time. Besides, O.P.I, the other half of my collection is random nail polish brands that cost reasonable, but work just as good. I like how the Pure Ice nail polish, isn't too thick or too watery. It goes on nice and smooth and you only need one coat, but if you want more pigment I suggest you paint one more layer. If you are looking for nail polish in this price range, then I suggest you check this section out! Aloha!

Monday, August 30, 2010


Aloha! I just love Sundays, the family day. Even though my family isn't currently with me on the island, I have a second family here which is my friends. Today I started the day off with morning mass to reflect, pray, and thank God for all that he has blessed me with. After church, I met up with Hollie and Ange to head out to my favorite beach "Kailua." I come to this gorgeous, local spot, once, sometimes even twice a week. Kailua is located on the East side of the island, also known as the Windward side. After we had our after noon swim, we ended our day and treated ourselves to Teddy's burgers, which is a cute 50's style burger joint. The burgers here are the bomb, it's my favorite burger joint on the island. Since there are no In-n-Out or Red Robin restaurants! I miss mainland restaurants so much! Down below are a couple pictures from today, I hope all of you had a happy Sunday!


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shopping at Borders

Today I went to Borders with two of my friends, Taye and Hollie. We love going to the book store to look around, read, and shop. I love getting lost in the pages of the various books that contain verbal quotes, pictures, ideas, facts, opinions, and inspirations. The book store is one of my favorite places to go to. The environment is so chill and relaxing, there are times where I even stay there for hours! Today I bought a laptop bag, a magazine, and two books. I have been eyeing this laptop bag for the past couple of months, and today I got lucky and it happened to be in the clearance section. The original price was $25, but was on sale for $6. I love the artsy print, and how its just the right size to fit my mac book pro. Its not too bulky, and theres just enough cushion on both sides for protection. The magazine that I bought was the September issue for Cosmopolitan, which was only $4. I love reading cosmo because they have many unique articles that give advice on love, fashion, and life. The two books that I got are both from the author, "Nicholas Sparks," the first one is called "Nights in Rodanthe," and the second one is "The Choice." Each book was $8. So far all the books that I have read from him, are so successful that most of them have become motion pictures. His stories always contain romance, lessons on life, and are so touching that it makes you cry. If you like to read books that contain any of these then I suggest you check out his section at any book store. I hope you enjoyed my shopping review, when you get the chance head over to your nearest book store, you won't regret it. Aloha!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tatted Up

Aloha honeys! Today my friend Thai Thai and I went with some new friends to Kailua Beach. I love meeting new people. It's so cool because the four new friends we met are all from the East Coast. Derrick is from Massachusetts, Jessica is from New Jersey, Denver is from Pennsylvania, and Shannon is from Minnesota. I was talking to Shannon when I noticed her tattoo on the upper left side of her back. Her tattoo is beautiful,  so I asked her if I can feature her on my beauty blog. She said yes, followed by her answering my questions. Her tattoo is of a small skull in the center of a Tiger Lily flower. She said that it represents her dad, who past away when she was twelve years old. She chose the flower because she thought it was really pretty. Her tattoo is also filled in with bright colors, to represent "bold and vivid." I asked her if she is going to add onto it later on, she said that she's thinking of adding her father's initials(his actually initial signature) later on. I think this is a beautiful, unique body art mural in remembrance of her dad. Thank you so much for sharing the symbolism with us Shannon!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Woman of the Month of August

Aloha! For the month of August I chose to do a spot light on my friend, Elizabeth Lagundino. Liz and I met almost a year ago at the college dorm in Waikiki. Since then she has became one of my good friends on the island. She is so hilarious, always cracking jokes and speaking her mind freely. She is from the island of Kauai, the garden isle. I love how she is very creative! For my birthday last year she made me a big poster that said happy birthday that had a hand drawn Hawaiian Hello Kitty. She is also an inspiring young lady. She works two jobs, one as a beauty associate for Victoria Secret(she is an aspiring make-up artist), and she is also a sales associate for the Children's Place. On top of her busy schedule, is dedicated to her hula dance group called "Keali'i Ka'a Punihonua Ke'ena A'o Hula." They perform a couple times a month throughout the island of Oahu. I always try to attend most of her shows, I've already been to her local hula competition about two months ago, church performance, and once a month they dance at the Waikiki Banyan Stage(which I attend and film after church). I love how even though her busy life can be sometimes stressful, she still always performs hula with passion, grace, and a welcoming smile. As she carries out the tradition of hula, the local art of poetry. Liz continues to multi-task, but maintains a well balance life. I am so proud of her, she is a ro-model to many, I present to all of you Elizabeth Lagundino. 

                  Her 2nd annual hula dance group performance at the Waikiki Banyan Stage.

                                          Liz getting her make-up on!

                                   She made this cute center piece under $5!

                                                                               Before the club!

                                                          At Poipu Beach, Kauai, she was my tourista guide.

                                                               Looks like a local ad for Goose. lol

                                        She bought this yummy shortbread Hello Kitty cookie lollipop
                                                                                                                         Thanks again Liz!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beauty Treats from Korea, thanks Drea!

So earlier this week, my friend Drea came back from her trip at Korea and she brought me back some beauty treats. Thanks Drea there so cute! I already used both of them since then! She got me a vitamin cocktail mask. The scent smelled so good, the serum was silky, but not sticky, and it left my face moisturized. I left it on for about fifteen minutes, then I used the left over serum to gently smooth onto my face. This is what we did with the face masks, when I used to work for Shiseido. The second beauty she got me was a toe divider, that comfortably cushions and separates the toes. I used this when I gave myself a pedicure a couple days ago. I love the goodies so much, thanks again Drea!

*sorry the pictures are so blurry, my camera broke a couple months back, I need to get a new one, until then I'm going to be using my blackberry camera phone