Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shopping at Borders

Today I went to Borders with two of my friends, Taye and Hollie. We love going to the book store to look around, read, and shop. I love getting lost in the pages of the various books that contain verbal quotes, pictures, ideas, facts, opinions, and inspirations. The book store is one of my favorite places to go to. The environment is so chill and relaxing, there are times where I even stay there for hours! Today I bought a laptop bag, a magazine, and two books. I have been eyeing this laptop bag for the past couple of months, and today I got lucky and it happened to be in the clearance section. The original price was $25, but was on sale for $6. I love the artsy print, and how its just the right size to fit my mac book pro. Its not too bulky, and theres just enough cushion on both sides for protection. The magazine that I bought was the September issue for Cosmopolitan, which was only $4. I love reading cosmo because they have many unique articles that give advice on love, fashion, and life. The two books that I got are both from the author, "Nicholas Sparks," the first one is called "Nights in Rodanthe," and the second one is "The Choice." Each book was $8. So far all the books that I have read from him, are so successful that most of them have become motion pictures. His stories always contain romance, lessons on life, and are so touching that it makes you cry. If you like to read books that contain any of these then I suggest you check out his section at any book store. I hope you enjoyed my shopping review, when you get the chance head over to your nearest book store, you won't regret it. Aloha!

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