Monday, July 19, 2010

Sephora in Waikiki

Aloha! I am so excited, later this afternoon I have an interview with Sephora. There is a new one being built right next to Waikiki Plaza, which is one block down from where I live. The store opens next month, which is like two weeks from now! It would be a dream to be a part of the Sephora team! In the past when I would walk into any Sephora store, I would feel so overwhelmed because there are so many make-up, skincare, hair, nails, fragrances to choose from. I want everything, each time I go in there, but realistically you buy what you need. And so, finding out which product works best for your price point, helps to break it down a lot. If Sephora decides to add me to the team, then I will be happy to help each customer, who feels what I once felt. By using the cosmetic experience that I learned from my past job at Nordstroms, I hope to use my beauty knowledge, creativeness, and passion for cosmetics to help others embrace their beauty by teaching and demonstrating make-up artistry. I'll update you honeys on how the interview goes! Have a nice day!

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Hardcore Makeup Junkie said...

Omg, how exciting! Good luck doll :)

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