Thursday, November 12, 2009

Finally a Member of 24 Hour Fitness for all Clubs!

These past couple of weeks, I kept saying over and over again that when my next pay check comes, then I'll become a member of the gym. I kept holding it off and bought clothes instead, but yesturday I called and the guy was saying how I can make a down payment fee now and pay the rest of the initiation in a couple weeks.(I always thought you had to pay full upfront!) I'm so glad I called because now I can start my work out journey. I heard that the nicest gym on the island is the one in Waikiki,(which is true because I went there yesturday to get the membership started) since the window view is the beach. Although it is the nice and clean, I decided to become a member for all clubs so that I can go to the gym with friends so I can bond with them and it will be fun and motivating. Recently I have been shopping at Victoria Secret for workout gear.(love their stuff its so stylish, sexy, comfortable) Today I'm going to the gym on Kapi'olani with my friend Jacob. I'm so excited to workout and hopefully in time I'll see beneficial results not only on the outside, but internally as well. I have my water bottle, clothes, shoes, and a positive attitude ready. I encourage all of you to excercise(you don't even have to join the gym if you don't want too). There's many differenet ways to work out but at the same time have fun, as long as you keep it moving. At the end of the day you won't regret it, you'll feel good inside and out, and feel less stressed too(it decreases stress). Remember to work it and have a postive attitude, I guarantee you'll feel happy afterwards! Have a nice day honeys!


Eugenia said...

Yayy!! I love 24 hr gyms.. I use to go to one that closed on 8 on weekends! I like working out at night and I'm not even done with dinner sometimes at 8!

Flow said...

lol dang girl that's good that your dedicated and motivated though, work it!