Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fire Fighter Pin-Up Girl

Aloha honeys! Here are some pictures from my first Halloween in Hawaii. My friends and I from the dorm dressed up and walked Kalakaua. Which is the main strip that was blocked off, where its like one big party with everyone walking around in their costumes. My costume goal for the night was to go all out in red, at first I said was going to be a pin-up girl. But later became a fire fighter pin-up girl because I borrowed my friend, Kai's hat. Shout outs to Kai and Elan(she let me borrow her curvy red dress, which I will send off to dry clean once I get payed do to the partying, I apologize again). Thank you for letting me borrow the red items ladies! I also included accesories, for my hair I bought a red rose and of course I had to paint my lips red! Halloween was a krazzyyy night, I hope you all enjoyed yours!


Maria FS said...

you and your girls look so cutteee.

Flow said...

thanks girl!

maddie_lin said...

Glad that6 you're blogging again!
OMG..This year I was my brother Matthew for Halloween haha