Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tatted Up

Aloha honeys! Today my friend Thai Thai and I went with some new friends to Kailua Beach. I love meeting new people. It's so cool because the four new friends we met are all from the East Coast. Derrick is from Massachusetts, Jessica is from New Jersey, Denver is from Pennsylvania, and Shannon is from Minnesota. I was talking to Shannon when I noticed her tattoo on the upper left side of her back. Her tattoo is beautiful,  so I asked her if I can feature her on my beauty blog. She said yes, followed by her answering my questions. Her tattoo is of a small skull in the center of a Tiger Lily flower. She said that it represents her dad, who past away when she was twelve years old. She chose the flower because she thought it was really pretty. Her tattoo is also filled in with bright colors, to represent "bold and vivid." I asked her if she is going to add onto it later on, she said that she's thinking of adding her father's initials(his actually initial signature) later on. I think this is a beautiful, unique body art mural in remembrance of her dad. Thank you so much for sharing the symbolism with us Shannon!


Hardcore Makeup Junkie said...

What a cute post! :) That tattoo is awesome and it's so great you were able to share her story behind it, as well.

Thanks for the sweet comment btw.



Glam and Glitter said...

Wow, that really is something nice to that means something and is so important as a part of someones identity
Thank you or commenting on my blog, Its great cause it made me find ur blog which i love now ;) xx