Monday, September 14, 2009

Ashley is One of the Best Puerto Rican Cooks!

Aloha! A couple days ago I did my friend, Ashley's make-up because she was going out and I offered to do her make-up. I met Ashley since she lives at the dorm too. She is Puerto Rican and half American(nice mix huh?) She is also from Ohio(it's so cool how mostly everyone I meet is from all over the World.) Ashley is alo an amazing cook, she makes tasty Puerto Rican dishes, that make you crave for more. She recently bought so much M.A.C. make-up, so we had to put the new to use! She was wearing a pretty turquoise dress and I didn't want to match her eye shadow with the shades of her dress, so to contrast I stuck with the bronzy tones. Enjoy honeys!


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