Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Beautiful Things I've Seen Today

Aloha honeys! I just got back from church(its called St. Augustine, and is located on the main strip, Kalakaua). I haven't been to church in a couple weeks, and felt guilty especially because my dad checks in everynow and then and asks if I go. I haven't gone because I didn't want to go alone, I asked my friends at the dorm but most of them don't go to church anymore or confused about their religion. I still love all of them, but I felt like if I continued to not go to church, then sooner or later I will loose my faith in God. So I walked to church and attended the 5:00 p.m. mass. The mass was so beautiful, half of it was sung and said in Hawaiian and the other half was in English. The church community members were all dressed in tradional clothing, which I thought was cute, because they are keeping the tradition alive. While I was standing in line to get the holy bread I seen a couple things that I thought were beautiful, the choir sung their hearts out and shared their wonderful talent with us all. And a little girl in the choir and I exchanged big smiles which brang warmth and comfort even though I don't know her. After church, as I was walking home, I seen an older man with a cute dog that was wearing a flower lei. Even the dog has aloha spirit too (lol). And earlier this afternoon my friend and roomate, Elan, told me and our friends her definition of beauty. She said that to her she thinks beauty is when you feel healthy, work out, and embrace what you have, no matter who are, because all women are beautiful. Throughout today God has shared with me beauty through many unique forms. God is beautiful.

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