Thursday, September 3, 2009

Clean those brushes!

Aloha honeys, I just finished cleaning my make-up brushes. It is so important to do! You must clean your brushes at least every two weeks, and if not at least once a month. Over time brushes can collect oil, dirt, and bacteria and if you don't clean them, your basically putting it back and forth onto your face and into your make-up. Which means your contaminating everything! I know we all can get lazy from time to time, but its better to take the time to clean your tools then wasting time spoiling them. Remember to stay clean! A lot of make-up artists have many different ways of cleaning their brushes such as using olive oil and make-up brush cleaners. I clean my brushes the cheap and wise way, I use shampoo and water to get the excess build up off, by lightly swirling my brush on the back of my hand. Then I use the conditioner and water to soften my brushes. Its good to keep a towel near by, so that after you can lay the brush on its side to air dry. And there you have it, and affordable way to maintain your brushes!

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