Saturday, October 17, 2009

M.A.C Shopping Review

Aloha honeys! Last week I received my first paycheck, so I was shopping the whole week last week. And of course I had to hit up the M.A.C counter. The manager of the M.A.C counter at Nordstrom, Ala Moana, named Marc, helped me out. Thank you so much Marc! I've been dying to buy the highlight eye shadow in "Vanilla,"(light natural white shade) and the highlighter brow bone brush #239(the soft hair makes it easier to pack and highlight evenly and smoothly). I also bought the lip liner "Subculture,"(a pinkish-nude color)because I'm almost out! I also bought a paint pot called "Bare Study."(nude-gold shimmer base) And last I bought the Fix Plus spray(light mist that sets and refreshes your make-up). You can find all of these items at any M.A.C counter, M.A.C Pro store, or if theres no M.A.C nearby you can always log onto their website at .


Becky (everyday makeup) said...

what an awesome way to spend your first pay check. awesome stuff you go there :)

Amanda said...

Loving it. I have the fix plus. I love it. You should encore's video on it he has so many ways to use the spray.