Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Make-over with Ms. Orikasa!

ALOHA honeys! I apologize for the lack of updating frequently these past couple of months(the internet connection is so slow where I live!) Two weekends ago, I gave Kyra a make-over using all Shiseido cosmetics. I met Kyra so randomly (lol), so I was working on a Saturday and my friend Hollie came to visit. During my break, she and I walked to Walmart(which is about two blocks away) because she needed to pick up some neccessities. While we where there she ran into her friends from back home(she and her friends are all from the island Maui.) She introduced me to Kyra and Serena, whom she knew from school back in Maui. They both complimented me on my make-up and said they liked it, and I replied telling them to stop by the Shiseido counter at Nordstrom when I get back from my break and I'll give them make-overs! They were so excited and actually came through, I invited to take a seat to experience Shiseido, and so the make-over session began. As I was choosing make-up, getting my tools ready, and preparing, I started chatting with the two. Kyra lives back on Maui, but was visiting Serena, who lives in Oahu too. I asked her if she had any requests for make-up and she said she wanted a smokey purple eye, and so I started pulling the purple shades. Kyra is such a free spirit, so fun, gives off a positive vibe, and hilarious. Like most of the other Hawaiians and locals I have met, she has a multi-exotic mix. She is Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Hawaiian, and Italian. In the end, she was so happy with the results that she rocked it to the club she and Serena went to that night. She was modeling my creation for ladies night out! Thanks for letting me do your make-up Kai! Come again!



and after...

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