Saturday, October 17, 2009


Aloha honeys! Last week, I finally received my birthday package from two of my best friends, Tracy and Rachelle. I opened the box to find so many beauty goodies inside, I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tracy gave me three Hi-Chew pack candies, food erasers, two-faced duo eyeshadow, a Turquoise guess shirt, a peacock feather bangle, a pick floral ring, big earrings, and a cute card with two girls on the front cover only showing their feet, saying that we're sisters. Thank you so much Tracy! Rachelle got me different colors of adhesive rhinestones, the Coastal Scents 88 eye pallette, and she made me a cute collage on my card. Thank you so much Raye! I love the gifts so much ladies and I will use them for my beauty blog entries when I showcase my make-up creations, and I will use them all the time! Thanks again, I love you guys!

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Maria FS said...

aww that was so sweet of them. i love hi chews and Happy Birthday girl.