Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fashion Board

Inside my closet, I made mini collages of fashion, hair, and make-up inspirations from magazine clippings. By hanging these inpirations in my wardrobe it gives me ideas on outfits and styles to put together. I plan to change it up every season so that its updated. I got inspired to make this fashion board from watching Dulce Candy 87 on youtube. She is one of my favorite youtube beauty gurus, who does videos not only on make-up, but also hair, make-up nails, fashion, she basically teaches you everything! I encourage all of you to check out her videos, get inspired!


Maria FS said...

cute i love clooages and Dulce! haha

Audrey said...

in my closest are bottles of alcohol....that's not so good.

Jonesy said...

Nice blog. I'm going to follow. Check out my blog when you get a chance as well.