Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thank you so much Gabriela Choy!

I met Gabriela Choy last summer in a make-up class that we both attended at Skyline community college in San Bruno, California. She is so sweet, funny, and always greets you with a warm smile. She is also the manager for Duty Free Cosmetics at the San Francisco airport. Even though we are miles away from each other, we still manage to keep in touch with one another. This past Christmas we exchanged gifts. She gave me a Dior Addict High Shine lipstick in "Coral Shimmer", and a Clinque SPF 30 face cream. The lipstick is a sheer coral shade that goes on really smooth, and has a glossy finish. And the sunscreen goes on really light, not too sticky, is waterproof, and has a good SPF number protection to prevent burning, wrinkles, and skin damage from the sun. I am really looking forward to using these beauty products, thanks again Gabby!


Audrey said...

heck yes clinique spf 30!!! def helps with aging. we're all going to die of skin cancer but at least we can prolong it.

My-My said...

Just wanted to let you know that I changed my URL to :) you used to follow me on Just thought I'd give you a heads up :D if you were wondering what happened. take care sweetie. ;P MUAH!

Kate Gene said...

That lippie is gorgeous!

It's awesome that you're into skin care! I'm just now starting to really take it seriously!


Jen said...

hey fellow bay arean!! i live so close to skyline! i'm from sf. just found your blog. new follower. ^_^