Monday, January 18, 2010

"Real Beauty" by Sonia Kashuk

When do you feel beautiful? Is one of the questions that was asked in my Sonia Kashuk make-up book called "Real Beauty." For those of you who don't know who Sonia Kashuk is, she is a famous make-up artist who has her own make-up line, which is sold at Target. In her book she does a run through of tips on how to do basic and dramatic make-up looks. She also has different sections of the book that focus on nails, excercising, all these different areas not only on external beauty, but on internal beauty as well.

 In one of the last sections she interviews her friends of all ages from the beauty industry, and asked them when do they feel most beautiful. It was interesting reading all the unique answers that each woman had to say. A few said that they felt beautiful when it was their wedding day, others said when all their make-up is off. From time to time I think about this question, and how would I answer it because to me their is a wide range of unique beauty.

Besides me getting all glammed up, I feel beautiful when people tell me that I look like my mom. Because I think she is so pretty and always wished and envied her features. As I was growing up people always said that I look like my dad, thats where i got my round face and small nose from. But as the years went by lately everyone has been telling me I look like my mom, I never told her this but I always wanted to look like her. Sometimes when people comment me, I wouldn't believe it because I didn't feel it.

But lately I been practicing to accept and gain confidence from these positive remarks. And instead of wishing I had a certain look or style on another woman that I see, instead I awgknowledge them and compliment them. A smile and thankyou always follows, thats how love can be spread even if you don't know the person. And that person can pass it on too, and next thing you know the beauty chain is flowing. Its too bad that not everyone wants to participate in this, but if you choose too trust me, not only will you make another feel good, but you will feel good internally too.

So now its my turn to ask all of you "When do you feel beautiful?" Please don't feel shy to leave a comment on your unique answer I'd like to hear what the beauty blog community has to say. If you guys get the chance pick up your copy of Sonia Kashuk's book, or stop by a near by book store to look at it, you'll learn a lot! Have a nice day honeys!

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