Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beauty Treats from Korea, thanks Drea!

So earlier this week, my friend Drea came back from her trip at Korea and she brought me back some beauty treats. Thanks Drea there so cute! I already used both of them since then! She got me a vitamin cocktail mask. The scent smelled so good, the serum was silky, but not sticky, and it left my face moisturized. I left it on for about fifteen minutes, then I used the left over serum to gently smooth onto my face. This is what we did with the face masks, when I used to work for Shiseido. The second beauty she got me was a toe divider, that comfortably cushions and separates the toes. I used this when I gave myself a pedicure a couple days ago. I love the goodies so much, thanks again Drea!

*sorry the pictures are so blurry, my camera broke a couple months back, I need to get a new one, until then I'm going to be using my blackberry camera phone

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Eugenia said...

OOO you are lucky! I want fun stuff form Korea!