Monday, June 29, 2009

Daiso Beauty Products Review ...How To Apply Falsies!

Hey honeys! Today after summer school, I took bus to Serramonte Mall. From there I waited for another bus, to take me to my former high school.(to request my high school transcript to be mailed to Kapi'olani Community College, Hawaii) I just missed my bus, and had to wait almost an hour for the next one! So, I decided to walk to Daiso, which is near by the mall. Daiso is a Japanese $1.50 and up store. I love it there! They have so many cute stuff to buy, from decorations for the house, cooking utensils, organize containers for almost anything, and the list goes on and on.(you need to go there to see what I'm talking about, and the store is pretty big too and on top of that its affordable!) My favorite section is the cosmetic section. Today I bought six pairs of natural, long criss cross false eyelashes(two sets come in each box for $2.50, that's basically $1.25 for one set!), a medium sized, rainbow striped flat mirror(that stands when you pull the cover back, I love the flatness because it takes up little space in your make-up bag), a small sparkly star covered envelope that contains 150 face oil blotting sheets(its good to keep these in your purse for when your feeling a little oily or sweaty, you hold up one sheet to your skin and press lightly using your fingers, this absorbs the excess oil, to prevent breakouts from occuring, when your face make-up and sweat mixes, it can seep into your pores, leaving your skin open to forming pimples and zits, blotting sheets are also good to take the shine off from sweat), and a small, six compartment, clear plastic container(you can store any little gadgets you have in here, but I'm going to be using this as a storage palette, to mix lip glosses, lip sticks, pigments, and eyeshadows) Down below is a picture of the items that I bought, and below that is a pic of me wearing the falsies, if you want to learn how to apply falsies please see the direction section.

How To Apply Falsies:

1) Use liquid eyeliner to draw a line just above the upper lash line.
2) Curl both lashes on each eye using a eye lash curler.
3) Take the set of lashes out of the box, and use a tweezer to gently lift the outer corner of the lashes to the middle, then to the inner corner. Repeat this to the other lash band.
4) Take two fingers from each hand and gently hold each end of the lash band, gently bend it for a couple seconds so that it fits your eye shape.
5) Take a q-tip and add adhesive eye lash glue to the middle stick the q-tip.
6) Using the tweezers, take the mid section of the q-tip and apply glue from one end of the lash band to the other.
7) Wait about thirty seconds for the glue to become tacky, then slide the lashes onto the top of your real lashes.
8) Using a tweezer, or an end of an eyeshaow brush, gently push in the lashes from the inner corner, middle, and outer corner, the lashes should be right above wear your eye lashes start.
9) Using and end of an eyeshadow brush, slowly lift your real lashes and flase lashes from the root to the tip, this helps the glue dry the lashes so that the direction goes upward, because you don't want to have them droop). Then retrace your liquid liner, so that no glue is showing, and so that the lashes blend with the eye liner. Repeat steps 1-9 to the other eye.
10) Bat those long lashes girl!

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