Thursday, June 25, 2009

Make-up Application Class Day 1

hey ladies and gents! About a couple hours ago(which was considered yesturday) I was attending my first make-up application class at Skyline College in San Bruno. The class is three hours long on Wednesday and Thursday nights, and it last for three weeks. So in total we have six beauty classes. The class started at 6:00 p.m. and ended at 9:00 p.m. In these three hours I learned some new things and reviewed things I already knew. Even though I have been doing make-up for the past couple of years, I wanted to learn more on how to apply make-up for different face shapes and tones. So, I decided to take this class so that when I do apply for cosmetics, I can write this in my resume. When I looked around the class room I was so amazed to see women of many ages, from teens to older women. All of us gathered to seek new techniques and tips to strengthen our beauty knowledge, so that we can apply it to our future make-up applications. Our teachers is named "Ms. Khalil." She owns her own salon in San Carlos, and has been in the cosmetology industry for twenty years. With so much experience, she now teaches make-up application classes. I learned some new facts from my teacher. Here are some of them:whenever you highlight you are bringing that feature forward and enlarging it, whenever you are contouring you are bring that feature back and decreasing it, whenever you are applying make-up with your finger to you face or others, you should use your ring finger because it applies gently with less pressure, whever you want more coverage with foundation, moisten a sponge, then add the foundation, when you press the damp sponge with foundation, you will get full coverage, green and yellow concealers are used to balance skin tones, when using make-up the goal is to enhance positive and diminish negative, whenever gray/white hair start to appear, you can take a brush and damp it with water and use eyeshadow that is the same tone as your hair, to hide it your roots, back in the fifties "cake mascara" was created, you can still buy it today at certain stores, this mascara is not in a tube, instead it on a pad! The good thing about it, is that you have control on how much you want to use, and if you use it to do others make-up it won't get contaminated, because you swipe the amount on a disposable brush. Ms.Khalil also showed us some of her make-up books, her make-up set/brushes/train case, and she even passed around her latest beauty toy that she bought online. Its so cute! It's a rubber face, where when you pull off the first layer, there's a second face underneath. And she also, seperately bought different rubber eye and lip shapes to practice on. For later tonight, we are assigned to bring all our make-up gear to start hands on application. I'll keep you, beauties updated, and post up pix of the creations I learn!

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