Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Hey ladies and gents! I decided to do a simple, fun turquoise inspired look. I love the color turquoise, its my favorite, its gorgeous! My room's theme is Hawaiian, with all these turquoise accessories. (my bedsheets,curtain, my mom painted turquoise hibiscus flowers on my drawers, and closet handles, even my garbage is turquoise! lol) When I think of the color turquoise, it reminds me of many things. Such as the beautiful cultural jewelry, and the tropical ocean waters. I looked up the symbolism of the color turquoise and it means: refreshing,sophisticated, provides protection, health, confidence, strength, independence, creative expression, communication, self reliance, individual responsibility, healing, emotion, intuition, generosity, and love. Turquoise has grown to be each part of me, because each of these meanings have built the woman that I have become. Heres some pix of the beauty products I used, and the final make-up look:

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