Saturday, June 27, 2009

How To Get Kimora Lee Simons Loose Curly Hair

I love Kimora Lee Simons! She is such a multi-talented woman. She is a model, mom, fashion designer of Baby Phat, an author, she's everything! When you watch Kimora's show, "Life In the Fab Lane", or when you see pictures of her, a lot of the times her black hair is styled in loose curls. Down below is a picture of Kimora, and below that is a picture of the hair products that I used to get this look, under that is a picture of the final look, and last is a picture of my eye make-up, if you want to learn how to get this look please see the direction section, enjoy!


1) Take two golf sized portion of root lifting volume mouse and work it into the roots of your hair
2) Using a comb or pointed edge, make a two inch side part
3)Grab a handful of the hair section at the crown and clip it,(use a comb to make the lines even and straight), then put that section to the side
4) Behind the clipped crown section, take an inch wide of hair and tease it from a couple inches up from the root then down to the root(so that it's not messy lightly comb the outer top of the teased part)
5) Keep repeating step 3 to the next layers behind the clipped section, you'll start to see the volume, because the teased hair layers lie on top of each other and start to add height
6) Once your done teasing a couple of layers, take the clip off the crown section and put that layer of hair above the teased hair(so that it blends with your unteased hair)
7) Take your heated curling iron and take a one inch wide section of hair from the bottom section of your hair then curl your hair from below your ear and down, only hold the curling iron in place for about thirty seconds then release the loose curl(the more longer you leave your hair to heat in a curl, the more defined it will be)
8) Repeat step 7(work your way from the bottom to the middle, then to the top layer(at the top curl your hair from the section that starts from the top of you ear and down), keep doing this until you have gone through each section in each layer
9) When your finished, lightly spray your hair to hold your loose curl hair style(don't spray to much! or else your hair will weigh down),if you have hair where if you spray your hair and within a couple hours it looses its curls, then i suggest you buy a hairspray for maximum hold
10) Rock the hair style and flaunt it!

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