Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Grape Purple Nails

Hey honeys! Last, last weekend I went with my cuzzo Bobby to the mall because he had to return and exchange a shirt from Hot Topic. I was looking around the store, I love how its so colorful in there. Being in there reminds me of my youth. When you look around, you see old school cartoons, stickers, little fun gadgets, they even have a small cosmetic section! I notice that a lot of their make-up was glittery, bold, and affordable. I didn't get any make-up, but I did buy a nail polish for $2.99. There's no name for the nail polish,but the color is a deep purple with violet shimmer in it. The name should be "Grapes." (like the fruit lol) I'm not going to lie, to be honest this polish is.... here's the pros and cons, pros: cheap, shape of the bottle is unique, love deep shade, cons: i don't like how it goes on a little bit thick because the brush picks up too much polish and leaks, because its cheap, most likely it will peel so I recommend that you layer a top coat over the nail polish, Here's a picture of the final look of my nails with the nail polish:

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