Monday, July 6, 2009

Make-up Application Class Day 4

Hey honeys! I'm so sorry this is late. Last Thursday, when I got home from night class(make-up class), I had to get rest because on Friday morning my family and I took a road trip to L.A., then to San Diego. For our Make-up Application Class Day 4, our class basically had the whole period to practice what we did the day before(which was going from a day to an evening look by adding a couple steps). If we finished that, then we were allowed to put on false lashes. I live in San Francisco and take bus all the way to San Bruno for summer school, and I didn't want to take bus back because I have a day class, then have a four hour break before make-up night class. So, my cuzzo Bobby swooped up me and my friend Cheryl after summer school. I asked him if he can take us to Daiso because I forgot my lashes at home. So, I bought another pair lol. The set of lashes were only $2. They were #12, Voluminous type. Here's pictures of the lashes and my final look:

In the make-up class, I met "Liliane Prette." She's such a nice lady, observing how I do my make-up and commenting me saying "your make-up is amazing." She asked me to how to do smokey eye make-up, so I helped and showed her how to blend it out so that it doesn't look like a black eye.(lol) Here's two side pictures of the one eye I helped her with:

I also met a new friend named "Gabriela Choy." Its like a sign from God, that we were meant to be friends. Because on the first class, we were introducing ourselves to eachother. Right when I said my name, she told me that's her sisters name. And when I asked her what her name was, I replied that's my sisters name! We always sit next to eachother during make-up class and enjoy having eachothers company. She is so funny, always cracking me up! She always tells me that I'm her teacher and that she rather watch me put on make-up, so that she can pick up make-up tips. She is such a sweet heart, last class she put a Clinique Lip Gloss in my purse. The color is called "Angel Pink," its a pretty, pearly pink shade. Thank you so much Gabby! Here's pictures of the lip gloss and the sample swatch:

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