Friday, July 17, 2009

Jesse's Girl Cosmetics

Hey honeys! About two weekends ago, my family and I stopped in Irvine, California, on our way home from San Diego. We went to this little plaza to take a break, so I decided to go into Rite Aid and check out their cosmetics. I was so happy to see that they had a Jesse's Girl Cosmetic section! (I hate how only some Walgreen and Rite Aids carry this) I bought four eye dust pigments for $3.99 each. They work so good too! I suggest you use a base for your eyelid, before you put the pigment on, so that the color last, holds in place, and is more vibrant. Down below are sample swatches of the four colors. The first color starting from the bottom of the picture is called "Fruit Punch." The second is called "Pink Glitz." The third is called "Key Lime." And the fourth is called "Majestic Green." Check out the Jesse's Girl Cosmetics at .

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