Monday, July 6, 2009

My Fourth of July Weekend in L.A. and San Diego

hey honeys! Last Friday, my dad drove me and family to L.A. On the way to L.A., kookie(our family dog chihuahua) threw up on me in the car! Nice way to start the vacation huh? lol We finally arrived in L.A. early evening. We visited my grandma Cora and grandpa Lary, they are such a nice couple.(their actually my mama's friends but over the years they've become family to us) Granma Cora is such a cute little woman, with her shiny face that still contains youth.(her secret: she told me she uses papaya soap to wash her face) She is so unique too, she was wearing her earrings that she always wears.(real dime earrings, she told me she gets them custom made) She was stressing because she thought we were coming the next morning.(lol) So she was all over the kitchen, preparing food for us. She made a couple Filipino dishes and boiled crabs! (I love seafood!) While we were eating my grandpa Lary walked in, I love him he's always smiling and gives off such a postive vibe. He brought more food! (hey Overall dinner was wonderful, catching up with them was fun, and the food was great! After dinner my untie Cathy walked in with her best friend.(they both live in frisko too, but we never run into them, that's weird) She is so cute, we was hellah choppin' it up, talking about hair and make-up on youtube and the beauty blogs. I was telling her how my favorite make-up artist on youtube is Ren Ren.(check her videos and beauty blog page out) She was telling me how one of her friend's is just like me, and loves to beauty blog.(shout out to Cathy's friend in Tennessee!) So she called her friend up, and told her to check out my page. I was also telling her how I love how through beauty blogging you can meet others beauty bloggers from all over the World. Its like a beauty community where we can relate to each other, get tips and advice from each other, and display and see eachother's creativity. Me and Cathy swapped numbers and pormised to hit eachother up when we in the bay. I'm going to dye her hair soon.(can't wait to see you Cathy!) That night my grandpa Lary insisted that we stay at a nearby hotel because it was getting late and my dad was too tired to drive to San Diego. On Saturday morning we were off to San Diego, which is a couple hours away from L.A. That afternoon, we arrived and stopped by the grocery store to bring food to my granma Delia and grandpa Siton's house. I was so happy to be there, we haven't visited in a couple years. San Diego is one of my favorite places ever since I was little. Going to San Diego is such a treat. The weather is beautiful, the big outdoor malls, and I love how the families live near eachother and are so close. After we ate, my uncle Gilbert and untie Jazz came and visited us. I missed them so much! It was cool catching up with them. They also brought their dog to named "Nikko."(his face is so adorable, like an old man lol) Kookie, Nikko, and Kobe(thats my uncles other dog who stays with gma and gpa) where all roaming in the backyard lol. My uncle told me to come sit with him, and we were talking about life. And I was telling him about going to school in Hawaii, majoring in psychology. He supported it, but he was telling me that I should major in something that I know I will love doing for the rest of my life. Because he was telling me how some people major in something, then later on discover that deep down inside their not truly happy, and end up going for their passion career. He kept telling me this because he could read and anaylze how much I love doing hair and make-up, by how I talk about it. After me and my uncle talked, I went inside to sit down. My grandpa Siton sat across from me, and began talking about my major, moving to Hawaii, and advice on life. He told me how proud he was that his three kids are all grown and successful, and all finished school with degrees. He told me that when each of them first left for college he warned them and told them that if your going to go away for school, then you better finish there. Because if they didn't, then they would be on their own.(this is so true, parents can support you, but it's up to you if you want to continue until you finish or withdraw and drop) He was explaining to me the same things my uncle was telling me earlier. He also included how I should know what I really want to do, so that I don't waste money and time. Because he knows two people from the family who majored in psychology, and both ended up not using the degree for a career because they didn't rise levels to the next degree. When he was talking to me, I just wanted to cry.(tears of joy) But I didn't cry, instead I held it in and took all his words of wisdom and stored it in my brain. This always happens to me, everytime someone older scolds me for the good, I want to cry, because their tone may seem mad, but really they do that because they care about me. That night for fourth of July, my family,my uncle, and my untie got in one car and drove to the nearby shopping plaza. We parking in the target parking lot. It was crowded, other cars were trying to find parking too. I think its so cute how the community gathers in the shopping parking lots to see the fireworks that are going off at a nearby highschool. Me and my mom kept laughing because we never did this before.(lol my untie took out mats and we was sitting on the side walk islands) Other people brought chairs and everything lol! The car that parked next to us, opened his car door and turned up the radio so we can hear the music too.(the music was assigned to match the fire works order) The fire works were so amazing! So colorful, bright, and 3-D, like explosive sky confetti. The fire works lasted for twenty minutes. After the show, we dropped my parents off at my gma and gpas house. Then my uncle and untie took me and sister out to see Transformers 2 in IMAX. That movie is so good, it was even better because the good quality, effects, and sound system of the IMAX. By the way I love Meaghan Fox!(so gorgeous!, this month I'll do a make-up inspired look dedicated to her) Thank you uncle Gilbert and untie Jazz! My sister and I came home hellah early in the morning, and knocked out. The next morning my untie Dell and my cousins Alyssa and Jadine visited us. My cousins are growing up! I remember when my sister and I could hold them, and now their taller, and the little one is so talkative now. Me and my sister took a lot of pictures with them their so cute(their Mexican and Filipino. i love that mix, their going to be beautiful women when they grow up) Down below is pictures of me, Alyssa, and Jadine.(Jadine is the little one) When it was time to say good-bye, my unite Dell and gma and gpa reminded me that if Hawaii doesn't work out, I can always come to San Diego and stay with them.(I love how their so welcoming ans supportive) As my family, was pulling out from the drive way our families exchanged waves and smiles with our relatives. I remember when I was younger, everytime I left San Diego I would cry, but now that I'm older I smile because time goes by fast, and next thing you know we will all be reunited together again.

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