Friday, July 24, 2009


Hey honeys! Today I just got back from Oahu, Hawaii, which is why I apologize for not updating new blogs these past couple of days. My mom and I flew out there and stayed for two days, not for vacation, but to find a place for me to live while I go to school there for the fall semester. After all the researching, and checking out places, we had some extra time to shop. Yesturday night, we went to Royal Hawaiian shopping center. The store "Lush" caught our eyes, because as we passed by, the sweet aroma lured us in. What also caught our attention in the display window, was the shapes of the soaps.(they looked like food and deserts) The employee, "Jolie", greeted us and pampered us with various hand scrubs, moisturizers, and soaps. She also gave us a little tour of the stores products. I learned that all Lush products are 100% organic and made of natural ingredients. I also learned that Lush products are good for you because they unlike other products, they don't contain alcohol, which is good so that your skin doesn't dry out.

I asked the other employee, "Chris", what facial cleanser and moisturizer did he suggest. He told me about "Grease Lightening", which I bought for $9.95. And explained to me how its a tea tree, witch hazel serum, that erases redness and intensely moisturizes dry areas. They also let me try the facial scrub on my hand. Jolie gave me a sample of the scrub, its called "Angels On Bareskin." I had a wonderful experience shopping at Lush, thank you so much Jolie and Chris!I love how these products smell, make my skin feel, and I already see instant results. Lush has so many unique cosmetics. If your ever in  Honolulu, Hawaii, check out the store, it is located on  2201 Kalakaua Ave., in the Royal Hawaiian shopping center. I recommend that you all check out your near by Lush store!


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