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My Entry for the "Tell Me Something I Don't Know" contest by Ares!

Hey Ladies and Gents! Ares is having a contest give away, here is the link to her page: http://iheartares.blogspot.com/2009/07/contestgiveaway-tell-me-something-i.html , Here are the details and pictures of the prizes:

For first place:

-Almay Eye Make Up Remover
-MUFE HD Finishing Powder
-Skull Makeup/Pencil Case
-Hello Kitty Tin Heart with Kawaii Nail Art inside.
-3 bows
-2 Ulta Bronzers.
-5 Pure Luxe e/s.
-5 Ulta Mineral e/s.
-3 Mica Bella e/s.
-2 Jesse's Girl e/s.

For second place:

-Skull Makeup/Pencil Case.
-Ulta Cheek Color in Glow!
-Sephora Lippie.
-Baby Kabuki Brush by Bare Minerals.
-3 bows
-Kawaii Nail art.
-MUFE HD Finishing Powder
-1 Mica Bella e/s.
-3 Pure Luxe e/s.
-4 Jesse's Girl e/s.
-2 Ulta Mineral e/s.

And for the random pick winner:

-Cute Pink and Black Makeup bag.

-MUFE HD Finishing Powder
-Ulta Cheek Color in Glow!
-Kawaii Nail Art.
-3 Small Bows.
-1 Medium Bow.
-MAC Pigment in Teal.
-Ulta Mineral e/s in Platnium.

To enter you....

-must be a follower to join. if your not a follower just "click" follow and your good to go.
-repost this on your page with a link. include all details and add prize pictures. (Put all three pictures.)
-international friendly.
-leave a comment that you are a follower, you've done the re-post and your answer for the contest. do not leave your email. i will ask for it when the winners are picked.
-there will be 2 winners for the contest and 1 random pick winner. making 3 winners in all.
-my husband will be the judge for the contest.
-my son will pick the random winner.
-these rules are included but not limited to the participants of this contest.
-any questions. please ask in the chat box located in the right side bar.
-oh, and there are a few of you that actually know my husband so that dosent mean you'll get the upper hand. This contest is going to be played fair. Everyone will be treated in an equal manner.

Contest/Giveaway begins: today! July 2nd 2009
Ends: July 15th 2009 (I'm not going to be strict on time. Just make sure you get it in around that date.)
Judging: July 16th -19th 2009 (he will not read any of the entries untill the 16th)
Random Pick: July 19th 2009
Announcement of Winners: July 20th or 21st 2009

Here's the deal. My husband is always reading or wanting to know what I'm posting in my blog. I figured that I should involve him in my first contest/giveaway. Just to make him feel even more special, he's going to be the only judge. Oh, and my son will be involve too. He will be picking the random winner. I'll write everyone's name and toss it into a hat. He'll stick his little hands in and who ever he picks, wins. Anyways, here's how its going to go. He sometimes reads my posts on my blog and it gets a bit boring for him because he's a guy and he's not into my obsession with makeup and stuff. So let's give him something to read. My husband loves reading random facts, stories and/or jokes. Whether it's about a new video game for the Xbox 360 or another Chuck Norris joke or how you broke your nose by tripping on your own two feet. He wants to know it all. If your going to tell a fact, it has to be a true fact because we don't want the poor guy telling everyone a lie. Other then that, the story or joke can be your own or made up. Tell him something that he'll never forget. Making him laugh is a plus^^

*the 2 winners joke/story/fact will be posted when chosen.
*all e/s are sample size but I made sure a put a lot.
*I know I didn't put the names of the e/s and I will soon. I just want to start the contest/giveaway a.s.a.p.

Here is my entry:
My mom took this picture of me in Hawaii at sunset, back in April 2009.

"Long Lost Sandals"

From time to time, my dad always reminds and asks what is the earliest child hood memory that I remember. I always reply with the same answer, it was when I was four years old at Oahu, Hawaii. My parents and I where at Waikiki Beach, and they asked me to come into the water with them. At first I didn't want to because I was afraid someone was going to steal my new sandals. But later, I decided to join them, so I buried my sandals in the sand. When I got out of the water to look for them, they were gone! I tried to dig everywhere, but they were no where to be found! I was upset that I lost them and had to be barefooted for a while. My parents rescued me, and ended up buying me a new pair at a nearby shop. Every time I replay this memory with my parents, laughs and smiles always follow.

I remember how my dad told me that his mom's name was "Encarnicion." Her name means "flower." Unfortunately, I never got to meet her, but my relatives always tell me stories about her. They always tell me how I got the passion from her to do hair and make-up. And how she was a cosmetologist and had her own salon. My other grandma, who is my mom's mom, is named "Buena." Her name means "good." After she past away, I chose from the pile of her hand down jewelry, to keep as a memorable treasure. I chose a plumeria set. There are so many definitions for plumeria, but when I see them, I think of outspoken, unique, beauty. The plumeria is my favorite "flower" that smells so "good." Both of my grandmothers bring out the good flower in me. May they forever rest in paradise. And so, for good luck on special ocassions and performances I wear a flower in my hair for them to both be by my side.

The Hawaiian culture has left a trail throughout my life. When I was younger, for one of my birthday parties my mom threw me a luau party. She even had my cousin's bestfriend, perform hula and tahitian. Speaking of hula and tahitian, I remember when ,my friends and I joined a Hawaiian dance group. We had a fun time, especially the intense workout of tahitian. But after a while, we felt like we didn't fit in because most of the girls were pros and have been their for many years. We would try to keep up with the routine, but we were so lost because they would go over multiple routines in one class. We shouldv'e continued, but at the time we called it quit. What amazes my friends, is that until this day, I still remember the full lyrics of one of the hula songs that is in Hawaiian. Although this song is forever in my heart, I don't remember the title or who sung it. All I know is that I will bring this with me, so that I can discover the meaning of the translation, that has been trapped in me for so long.

In high school, one of my close friends let me borrow her pu'ilis, which are split bamboo sticks that are sometimes used in hula. Over the years, we have lost touch, I do miss her, and wonder every now and then, and think how is she doing. I still have her pu'ilis and plan to give it back to her when I reconnect with her in Oahu, which is where she lives and goes to school too. It's never too late to save a friendship, it just depends if there's an equal, mutual effort.

Over time my room has gone through many changes. About a year and a half ago, my mom remodeled my room and created a tropical theme. The paint and accessories are turquoise, which represents the ocean water. When you look around, you'll see a variety of floral prints. On my door, hangs colorful sarongs. And on my closet and drawers my mom stenciled and painted Hibiscus flowers. My room has made me realize that Hawaii is where I belong.

Many of my friends and family have asked me why I have to leave. I must go for many reasons. Some of my cousins and friends are dropping out, yes I love partying and being with them. But if I stay and try to save all of them, then I will get caught up behind too. I'm also doing this for them, so that when I come back, then they can see that if someone they love can do it, then they can too. I also have been dealing with a broken heart, and can't handle to be around this pain anymore. Before the incident, I was telling him how I wanted to move. He kept telling me that I should just stay and I'll find something I love to do here. If I was weak, I would have listened to him and stayed. But instead I do the opposite, and leave the shattered hopes to regain my strength.

Throughout the year in my life, I have met so many wonderful people that gave me memories, taught me lessons, and helped me prepare for this moment in life, to be set free... As I'm gathering my last pieces together, many people have been telling me how much they will miss me. This makes me realize how many lives I have impacted. As for my parents, I want to say "mahalo"(thank-you) for supporting me, raising me to be a woman, and allowing me to be let go into the world, to learn independence.

These past weeks, I have been praying to God, to lead me in the right path. He finally answered my prayers, when I received my college acceptance letter. Tears of nonstop joy,excitement,sadness,and all mixed emotions surfaced, as my path becomes known. Instead of saying good-bye, I say "Aloha". My friends will forever be with me in my heart. I know that within time we will be reunited again. Slowly, I start to feel my petals unfold my journey, where I am ready to bloom. It is official, fifteen years later, I am now going back to Oahu,Hawaii, not to find my long lost sandals, but to discover who I am.

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