Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hair Dying Tips!

hey honeys! I just finished touching up my mom's roots. She's been asking me since last week to dye her white hair that has been growing in. But we've been busy with work and school. Today, I finally I got to help her with this hair beauty treatment. Although me and my mom have fought over the past years, in the end we always forgive and grow an even stronger bond. By doing her hair, its like giving back. Because she created me through love, and now I'm returning the love by helping her out. Here's a picture of the materials we used to re-touch her roots, and below it are some at-home-hair-dying-tips that all women/men should remember:


~ Before you dye your hair, rim the skin in front of your hair line with vaseline all around you head(so that hair dye doesn't get on your face/ears/neck, and if some does get on the vaseline, then it will be easier to remove and prevent from staining)

~ Before you dye your hair, take a plastic garbage bag and fold it in half(long ways), on the folded crease, use scissors to cut two inches down, then unfold the plastic garbage bag and on each side(about 3inches down), cut 2 inches horizontal into the plastic garbage bag, repeat this on the other side of the bag, then slip on the bag and slide your arms through the side cuts then your head through the middle cut

~ Not shown in the picture is latex gloves(use these to protect your hands from staining, and the perfect fit makes it easier to dye hair, the regular plastic ones slide, and are loose fitting)

~ Another item not shown in the picture is old newspapers(use this to put under your chair or below your feet to protect the floor from getting stained)

~ When your dying your hair, use a comb to help you section your hair equally so that you can go through each layer evenly and neatly, to make sure you get full coverage

~ Use clips to section hair (so that your hair is not all over the place, so you can focus on each section/layer one at a time

~ Always remember these tips, it's a must! :)

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