Thursday, July 2, 2009

M.A.C. Pro Store, Filmore, San Francisco

Hey ladies and gents! This past Tuesday, after summer school, I met with my friend Bianca and we took bus to Filmore Street in San Francisco, to go to the M.A.C Pro Store(picture down below). I've been wanting to go there forever, because only M.A.C Pro Stores sell the empty, fifteen eyeshadow colour palette.(picture down below, they don't sell these at M.A.C counters) Now I can stay organized with my eyeshadows through this eyeshadow palette holder. I I also bought an eyeshadow to add to my collection, its called "Aquadisiac," its a pretty shimmery teal color.(Picture down below, its the first eyeshadow in the open palette pic) This eyeshadow cost three dollars and fifty cents less then the original price because it was just the eyeshadow in the silver pan. Its cool because it already has a magnet in the back so I can just slip it into the shadow compartment, and the magnet sticks to the bottom. I love how this store isn't so crowded, and the make-up artists were really nice, excellent customer service. The make-up artist who helped me out is named "Railynne."(she's so pretty, she was wearing a make-up look that had a flush of pink, her eyeshadow had shimmery pink, her blush was a medium pink, and her lips were a nude pink) So if you ladies or gents ever in Filmore and stop by M.A.C and need help finding make-up, needa make-up done, or have questions please ask for her. Thank you so much Railynne!

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