Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ala Moana

Aloha honeys, sorry I haven't blogged in a while its because I was bonding with my friends and family because two days ago I left and moved from the bay to Oahu, Hawaii. I want to thank all my friends and family for all their support, words of wisdom, gifts, and love as I set out on a new journey in my life. Today my dad and I went to Walmart in Honolulu, to stock up for necessities for my dorm, but before we went there we went to Ala Moana. Which is the biggest mall on the island, three floors, and made up of mostly pricey name brand stores. I splurged on shopping like crazy, with some of the money that I received from my going away family party. I bought some dresses and tights from Forever 21, because I need to stock up on a new wardrobe since weather is hot over here. Overall, I mostly bought cosmetics (lol).

I bought two sets of eye lashes by Bliss a.k.a. Red Cherry lashes, each set was $1.50. And I bought a new eyelash adhesive glue By DUO, Make-up by Ren Ren said that this works the best, so I had to try this. The good thing about this glue is that it dries a dark tone, so that it blends with eye liner already, that way you don't have to go back and re-line and blend in the lash glue and eye liner. This glue was supposed to be five dollars and somethings cents, but it was on sale for about a dollar off. Good deal!
I also stopped by the M.A.C pro store and bought two eye shadows that come in a pan, each cost only $11, since it already came without the eye shadow case. These eyeshadows are made specially for the pro pallettes, on the back of the pan theres a little magnet with the name of the eye shadow, and you just place it in the magetic pro pallette and it holds. The two eyeshadows I bought were "Retro Speck" and "Carbon." I also stopped by Sephora, and I met a beauty associate named "Nana." I tol her that some of my family call me nana ever since I was little too! She is so nice and sweet adn really helped me find my color for the Bare Minerals Foundation, I used to use this all the time about a year ago. But I have been trying other foundations, and I always come back to Bare Minerals, but its all good because its good for my skin since its organic make-up. So nana tested "medium tan" on my jaw line, and it blended so good that I couldn't even tell where it was. Nana also told me about the beauty insider card, which is for free, and you use it evertime you buy something at Sephora, to get points and on your birthday they give you a gift! So she told me to come back next month for my birthday, yay I love surprises. She also told me about this deal going on where I get a free mini kabuki brush, because its the deal going on when you by Bare Minerals foundation. She also gave me a sample that comes with it too, another mini kabuki with sample foundation in "Medium Dark."(she apologized for running out of my color, but its all good, I can always use it for my make-up artist kit when I do others make-up) The foundation cost $28, and the formula, and packaging upgraded. Instead of just holes to let out the powder, now theres a new technique called Click, Lock, Go sifter, so that its not messy and so that the excess powder doesn't sit at the top layer anymore. The foundation also updated to a "Matte" finish, so that it eliminates shine and excecss oil. Thank you so much for helping me out Nana!
I also had to stop at Lush! One of my favorite stores! I love the smell when you walk in, its so peaceful (lol). Last month I got a sample of "Angels on Bare Skin." But this time I came back to buy a supply of the facial cleanser. The packaging reminds me of food lol, since the pricing goes by the pound. I bought $14.34 worth, I hope this lasts a while.
At Walmart, I bought a postcard, which I'm going to hang in my dorm as art. This is a photo of Billy DeVorss, she was a Hawaiian Pin-up girl featured in a calender in 1946. I love her hair, make-up, and style. She's gorgeous!
I hope you guys enjoyed my shopping review from Ala Moana Mall and Walmart. Mahalo!


BECKY (Embrace Your Imperfections) said...

awesome haul. yeah duo is pretty much the best lash glue out there. mac uses them.

also, living in the dorms is so much fun. i hope you have an awesome experience.

Flow said...

thank you so much becky!

Maria FS said...

Aww the bay is sad for you to have left us=( haha nice haul and enjoy yourself in Hawaii im jealous.