Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Tracy!

Hey honeys! Yesturday two of my best friends(Raye and Trace) and I went to Japan town San francisco( I go there every week lately lol), to take our third annual pictures and to have a ladies day to celebrate Tracy's 19th birthday. Before we got out of the car to go to Japan town, Raye and I handed Trace our gifts. Raye got Trace some cute jewelry to add to her collection. And I bought Trace a small/medium caboodle, laced case with different beauty goodies inside.
Every year during the beginning of the new school year, the three of us always take studio pictures. But for this year, instead of taking studios, we went to Pika Pika in Japan town to take pictures. We decided not to take studios because last year we went to this one place where the photographer was so rude, she didn't know how to adjust the flash(lmfao we were all the same skin tone because she put the flash so light), and some of the pictures were off centered. For the same price we paid last year, we got good quality pictures from Pika Pika. At Pika Pika is is so fun and over whelming because there's so many booths and backgrounds to choose from! We went during happy hour, so we got to take two sets of pictures(up to six poses for each set). The original copies are so cute since there so small and their stickers too(not the old school sticker picture booths, I mean these are good quality the color, adhesive, all around worth it). Since some of the pictures were a little bit to small for us, we asked for copies that were blowned up to wallet size which are an additional $5 a sheet, but it isn't a sticker copy. Me and my girls rounded up the toal we spent, which was around only ten dollars each(the same amount we paid for last years studios), only these pictures are better then the studios! I love Pika Pika and I love my girls so much!(I'll try to post the pictures up sometime this week)

After Japan town, we stopped by kinkos to make one more copy(that the lady forgot to make). And we went to Joanne's fabrics to buy a dollar clear keychain case to display our tiny pictures. After we made on last stop to the groceries to buy Teriyaki sauce and tempura mix. Why? Because we went back to my house after and made Spam-a-subi! (seaweed wrapper, with rice, Teriyaki sauce, and a slice of spam filling)its a sushi-spam remix. (lol) I also fried some fish cakes and shrimp. We ended our day watching "Fifty First Days."(that movie is so cute! never gets old, like Rob Sneider says in the movie, its "frickin' hilarious!" Before they left I put on a little presentation on Avon cosmetics, talked about the company, asked if they would like to join, and handed out catalogs and samples. (I'll blog about Avon and Mark in more detail later this week, I still need to meet up with the manager again to get started on my website to sell avon)

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maddie_lin said...

Haha you love Japan town huh?xD
Aw that's super cute what you guys do!
It's like the sisters of the traveling pants haha.