Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Keilah's Graduation Make-up Look

Hey honeys! This week has been so busy! I've been kickin it and bonding with friends and family before I leave to Hawaii (August 18th), finishing up summer school which ends this week, and my cuzzo's debut is this Friday and I don't even have a dress yet! (oh hell no lol) A couple weeks back, my cuzzo Cici's best friend, Pat, asked me if I can do her sister's make-up for her graduation pictures. Of course I said yes! So today at eight in the morning Cici, Pat, and her sister, Keilah came over so I can do her make-up.

Keilah is such a beautiful girl, she doesn't even need make-up, her complexion even has a clear glow! I asked her if she had any make-up requests and she told me that she wants her make-up to not look too natural, but at the same time you can tell she's wearing make-up. So, I gave her soft smokey eye look with natural pink-ish nude blush and lips. I also put lashes on her, it was her first time wearing lashes and she loved it! (yay!) She has such a fun personality, the whole time we're cracking up while wear talking. She asked me how I got started in doing make-up, and I told her I 've always been doing peoples make-up since I was a freshman in high school. But I really started learning techniques and skills from watching Make-up by Ren Ren on youtube.(omg she's my favorite!)

I am so thankful that my cuzzo recommended me to her best friend and sister. Not only was Keilah my customer, she's also a new friend! Keilah tahnk you for giving me the opportunity for letting me share with you my art and passion for make-up. God bless you! And always know that if you need hair and make-up tips always remember to check my beauty blog! Good luck in your last year in high school, and work hard to bring home the diploma! I'm proud of you girl! If I'm ever in the bay for vacation, hit me up for hair, make-up,or even to just kick it. Thank you Keilah!


BECKY (Embrace Your Imperfections) said...

you did an awesome job with her makeup. she looks so pretty. damn she has really nice brows too :)

Michelle said...

awwe thanks so much girl! your so sweet!