Friday, August 28, 2009

The inner beauty of personality

Aloha honeys! So a couple days ago, I finally moved into my dorm. At first, I was home sick of course, and it was a really sad day because my dad left to go back home to the bay. As my dad and I said good-bye, he hugged me for a couple seconds and let go. The unconditional love that my dad has provided me with for these past 18 years and continues to do, I now see clearly after we said our good-byes. The pain, but love I felt was the beauty of his personality that he has shared with me. As sad as I was, I also started to feel like "what am I going to do now?" I wasn't used to Oahu, Hawaii's slow paced life style(as in waiting for the bus, and everything). Since, I'm so used to the fast paced city life. But the next day, I met so many people at my dorm, I love them so much already! They all bring a unique flavor, most of us moved here from all over the World. That's what makes our "ohana"(family) so unique. A lot of people that I have met so far are so sweet and nice. For example two days ago was my first day of school, and the next day our teacher wanted us to have specific supplies from specific stores. I don't drive over here, I have the bus pass, so I asked randomn people on the street where to get to my destinations. The first thing that I needed to buy was blank colored flash cards, flash card ring holders, and a whole puncher. The teacher wanted us to get these from "Fishers" (a teacher/student supply store). I walked for so long probably about a mile, lugging so many bags, and I kept asking people and they kept telling me it was still far. I was getting frustrated so I finally walked into a boutique and asked where it was. A nice elderly lady heard me and said she knew where it was and that she can give me a ride. So I got in her car and she took me to Fishers, she is so nice! Later that day I had to buy a "Learn How to Speak Hawaiian at Home" book for class at Bess Press. I asked the bus drivers where it was and had to transfer on two buses to get near there. When I finally got off the second bus, I aske dthis lady if she new where it was. She offered and then walked me to the store, which was still 5-6 blocks away. She is so sweet! I don't know where I would have been with out these guiding angels. My dad and these angels really showed me that the inner beauty of personality can be very powerful, effective, and forever lasting.


amanda said...

I'm glad that you get to experience what it's like to be on your own. I miss you so much dee!

Michelle said...

awee thanks momma! <3

Mimilainna said...

aw i almost teared up reading that, it sounds like you and your dad have a great relationship