Friday, August 21, 2009

Passion for Make-up, Woman of the month for August

"How did you get into make-up?" my cousin Madeline asked me this past weekend, as I did her make-up. So many people always ask me this question. So I decided to blog about it because it relates to the end of this blog, which is a spotlight on woman of the month. When I was in middle school in my early teens, I would always see my mom get so many make-up gifts from Lancome cosmetics(during certain times they give away free make-up gifts when you buy a certain amount of their beauty products. So, I was curious on how to put make-up on, so I would close the bathroom dorr and pretend to be using the bathroom but really I was experimenting with all these artistic colors and tools. No one ever knew, because I couldn't wear make-up to school, since it was forbidden. I went to a Catholic middle school from kindergarten to eight grade!(I love how I met many life lasting friendships, but I hated the rules!) Stupid rules such as you can't even at least wear clear lip gloss(I still did this during school pictures) or clear nail polish(I did this and one time the principal sent me down to the office to take it off), but I did it anyway lol.

Before I entered my freshman year in high school, my cousin Cherienne showed me her huge caboodle make-up case. I was so amazed as she opened it up and showed me all these beauty treasures from top of the line make-up such as Chanel, Clinique, Lancome, Benefit, and the list goes on and on. Next thing I know, she's putting some of it in a bag and giving it to me. I asked her why she doesn't want them, she said because she has so much make-up that she doesn't use it all, and that her cousin Naomi gives her these samples and make-up because she is a cosmetics manager. I was so happy and overwhelmed with all my new beauty goodies, that right away when I got home, I started playing with them and tried new make-up looks.

For high school, I chose to continue into a public school. Which meant freedom of expression of style, including acceptance of make-up! Back then I just did basic make-up, I didn't really know about the various techniques, brushes, and make-up terms. During breaks I would do peoples make-up in class rooms and near the basketball court(kind of like mini appointments but w/out charge). I used the make-up that my cousin gave me. And after I applied make-up to my classmate models, sometimes I would end up giving the samples to them. All for free, only because I love making others feel confident and sexy about them selves, with the power of make-up. These past years, I would do make-up for free(sometimes people would give me tips), for many occassions such as weddings, proms, quinces, debuts, winter ball, and many other special occasions. My untie Jeanie would ask how come I don't charge because I sacrifice my time, performance, and use my own make-up and tools. I told her because I'm not professional and don't have a license or anything, but I was fine with it because I love doing make-up.

In my freshmen year of college, during the fall semester, my friend Jordan and I went to a big group interview in downtown San Francisco for cosmetics at Macy's. We were so excited to be there, the interviewer told us that it doesn't matter if you don't have experience because performance and personality can help you work your way to the top (which is exactly what she did). My friend and I were excited to receive calls, telling us that we were going on the the next level of the one on one interview at Stonestown Macy's. We followed up, but we never heard from them again. I was really looking forward to this, and was dissapointed that we didn't get the job, but instead of giving up it made me more hungry to keep trying. I also applied to Macy's in Daly City and got a job for seasonal, as I was sitting with the manager he gave me three choices of sections to work in. I asked if I can work in fragrances, because if you have no experience you can start in fragrance and work you way to cosmetics. But, he said I couldn't get it because to be in that section you have to be available during the day, which is when I have school. So, I ended up in lingerie. All my co-workers would always tell me that I look like I belong in the cosmetic section, seeing me dressed in all black with my make-up all done.

During the Spring, I went on and was amazed at how many women do make-up tutorial videos. These women are from all over the World, and are very talented and creative. My favorite, Make-up by Ren Ren taught me so many techniques, styles, brushes, information on beauty product reviews, she really inspired me to get out there again. Because she is a free lance make-up artist. So I thought, if I can't get accepted rightn ow in the cosmetic business, then I will be a free lance make-up artist. So these past few months before I moved, I've had a few customers each month, only this time I now charge a reasonable amount. And after I ask my clients if I can take a picture of my work to build a portfolio.(you need to start somewhere, start small then slowly build up)

Blogspot's beauty community has also helped me and encouraged me to share my talent and love for cosmetics with others. Its a place where we can showcase our creativeness, share product reviews, and give beauty tips and advice to each other. It also amazes me to see how many generous women have contest on here and give away beauty goodies(some are expensive too), and some people just have give aways just ebcause they feel like it. When I first told my family that I wanted to be a make-up artist, they started laughing at me, which hurt inside, because they don't know how bad I want it and love it. They automatically assume that I won't make enough money and will stay in a booth. But what they don't know is that the booth is one of the first places where you start, and you can keep working your way up by performance, personality, and patience. The beauty blog community has become my support system towards my love for cosmetics, unlike some of my family members.

During my spring semester of college, I transfered to Skyline college and for summer school I took a make-up class. This make-up class was only for three weeks, twice a week, for two hours a class. I took this class only because I wanted to put it on my resume for the next time I apply for cosmetics. In this class it was mostly review for me, but I'm glad I attended since because I met some women of the beauty community. One of my friends in the class is manager for Duty Free cosmetics at the San Francisco Airport, and another nice woman I met is an esthician. But although most of it was review for me, I gained new friends and some new make-up knowledge that I will apply to my future clients.

Just recently, I applied to be an Avon representative online, and next thing you know I get a call from a nearby Avon district manager. I still need to set up my website for Avon with the manager, especially now that I have moved, so it'll be easier for my friends and family to see the online campaigns. A lot of people tell me that they mosly know elderly women who sell Avon, and that I'm the only one they know who is young and sells it. I laugh and tell them that as long as its cosmetics then I'll do it, plus it'll be good for experience. Last semester my counseler Dupre' told me that I have a gift of  beauty, and that through my hands I have the talent to do make-up and share and make other feel and see that they are beautiful too. I believe that this strong passion of this gift is one of my main purposes in life.

I will forever love cosmetics and I won't stop, just because one job didn't except me, I will keep going until I do get accepted. I will keep doing little things such as taking a make-up class for a resume or selling Avon, just to get experience. Don't let any one stop you from getting to your dreams, when one rejects you, know that there is something bigger and better out there for you. Use any negative comments as a tool to motivate you, so that when you do make it, they will be moded. Use it as a strength to let everyone know how bad you want it, and will work hard just to get it.

For this months spotlight of woman of the month, I chose Naomi(she is my cousin's cousin). Yesturday when my dad and I went to Ala Moana, we stopped by Nordstrom to visit her in the cosmetics section. She greeted me and my dad with a warm smile and she was so welcoming. She was telling my dad and I how she has been in cosmetics for ten years. And out of those ten years, she was manager for eight. My dad did most of the talking at first, at first I was so speechless being in her presence because she is a role model. I asked her if she manages just one booth or all of it. She told us how she manages the whole cosmetics section. That is so cool! She is also a mother to cute twin boys(my sister loves them). She is also strong and independent because she moved from the bay to Oahu, to be the cosmetics manager for Nordrum in Ala Moana mall. She is such a beautiful woman with a beautiful personality. I am so proud of her for working her way up to the top in the cosmetic industry. She inspires me so much.

Naomi and I


Krystallia said...

Such a wonderful story!Keep up the good work and i am sure at some point you will find the place you desrve in the world of cosmetics!You are so passionate that you will definately have a huge success!!

Flow said...

thank you so much Krystallia!

Alluring Attraction said...

How did I get into make-up? Because of Miss Nana putting makeup on my face the first day I met her at a close friend's birthday party =)Oh, and youtube and blogspot now. I'm getting addicted to blogspot now, thanks Nana lol

Flow said...

lol your so funny Raye, I love you cousin!

maddie_lin said...

Aw cousin! Such a touching and inspiring story! I hope you reach your dreams and find yourself there in Hawaii miss you!