Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pin-up Girl

Hey honeys! I am in love with the whole sexy, but classy pin-up girl look. I love the vintage look, I feel like it gives off a unique statment. Pin-up girl make-up consists of bold winged liner, long lashes, contoured cheeks, defined creases, angled eyebrows, and bold lips. Many people have been creative and created various make-up styles of the traditional pin-up girl look. For example instead of using red all the time, some people use other shades such as neon pink. Pin-up girl history has been around for a long time, all the way back from the 1890's. Pin-up girls are models of fashion, sex symbols, and glamour. Here's a list of some pin-up girls that you may know: Marilyn Monroe, Tyra Banks, Farrah Fawcett, Kat Von D, Katy Perry, and Kandee(one of my favorite make-up artist on blogspot and youtube, she does a lot of pin-up girl inspired looks, you guys should check our her tutorials). The history of pin-up girl style, make-up, and hair will forever be expressed through artistry.

Last Friday was my cousins debut(in the filipino culture its a big party when the girl turns eighteen, like a quince, but when you turn eighteen). I wanted to go for a classy but sexy, pin-up girl look, so I painted my nails and toes red, rocked the red bold lips, wore false lashes, filled in the brows, winged out my liner, medium on blush, used a medium brown to make an illusion of a deeper creases, wore lose curls for my hair, and for my dress I chose a white and black dress(the length was a couple inches above the knee, didn't want it too short, because it was a fam party), this dress hugged and outlined my curves(represent the thick and curvy!).

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