Friday, August 21, 2009

Ulta shopping review

Aloha honeys! So this past Monday, the day before I left, I had to make one more stop to Ulta, plus I had to make use of the coupon lol. The coupon was $3.50 off when you spend ten dollars or more. I most definetly spent more then that lol. You can get the coupon in their catalog each month, when you sign up to be a member of Ulta for free. They always have great deals going on, you guys check it out!

O.P.I, Benefit, and NYX
I bought the mini Senoritas collection my O.P.I for my friend as a belated birthday present for $10. And I bought myself the mini Teeny Bikinis collection by O.P.1. And Ulta has this deal going on when you spend ten dollars or more on O.P.I, then you will receive a free mini Pretty Little Pinks collection by O.P.I. Which is a $6.50 value.
I also stocked up on the white jumbo eye pencil in "Milk" by NYX. I forgot how much each one cost, but when you buy two, you get one free. I also bought two lip glosses for $4.99 each. The first one is called "Natural", which is a pinkish nude shade. And the second one is called "Copper Penny," which is a bronzy deep pink shade. And again, when you buy two you get one free, so for my free item I chose NYX lip stick called "Thalia," which is a pinkish nude shade that works well with the "Natural" lip gloss.
I been wanting Benefit's instant brow pencil for medium to dark. This cost $20, and is so worth the price. I love how it defines the eye brows with a natural finish, and not an artificial bold look. It glides on creamy smooth, and the blend it out so that its not too harsh, the other end come with a spoolie to brush out, blend, and soften the lines.
I hope you enjoyed this Ulta shoppinf review! Mahalo!


Eugenia said...

Ulta is great.. espcially those "20% off your whole purchase" coupons :)

Flow said...

omg gurl hell yeah I love those too! lol

Jbreezybaby said...

I soooo want to own a NYX jumbo pencil in MILK, but everytime I got to its out of stock! we don't have ulta here, so I've been bugging a couple of people in MUA if they want a swap. Anyways, great haul dear!

maddie_lin said...

Aww I wish I had an Ulta near where I live, OMG! I saw a couple of people on youtube using those jumbo milk sticks! Nice post!

Flow said...

Jbhey Jbreezybaby I just checked on, and they have it in stock right now, you better get on that lol, cuz I know what you mean by it always runs out, even in the stores, that why when you do see it you stock up lol